• Inkognito Company
  • Formation of a Limited for example against warning notices or competition prohibition and much more
  • Changing the first and last name of a director under UK law (deed poll)
  • Virtual Residence Address in Wales 1 year
  • Registered Office in England 1 year
  • Including service address Manchester (Residence address not publicly visible)
  • General mail forwarding by scan and/or letter (including 10 letters up to 100g) 1 year
  • Free forwarding of English Statutory Post (official mail) to you
  • Reminder service annual reports
  • Digital foundation documents by mail
  • Web-filing code to manage your online portal at Companies House
  • German translation of memorandum and articles
pricing_table_text “Stealth” Company: <br> Deed Poll for Director <br> Post forwarding <br> and much more

Inkognito Company

  • 469.00 € *

  • * excluding VAT